Member exclusive: ESA publishes “concise” early response to ETS consultation

Member exclusive: ESA publishes “concise” early response to ETS consultation

Member exclusive: ESA publishes “concise” early response to ETS consultation

Member exclusive: ESA publishes “concise” early response to ETS consultation

With input from members, the Environmental Services Association (ESA) has published a “concise” version of its emerging response to the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UKETS) Authority consultation on expanding the Emissions Trading Scheme to waste. 

This is available exclusively for members of the ESA and is available to download from the members area under Consultation Responses.

The consultation was published on the 23rd May 2024 and the ESA’s Concise Response provides a summary response to the key issues ahead of a full submission before the consultation deadline on 2ndAugust 2024 (please note that this has been extended from the previous deadline of 18th July). 

The UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK ETS) Authority (UK Government, Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs for Northern Ireland) is seeking input on a number of proposals to expand the scheme to include energy from waste and waste incineration.

The UKETS has provided more detail about the proposals in these latest consultation documents and is seeking views to inform how waste incineration and energy-from-waste will be included in the scheme from 2026 (for the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification only period, with full surrender obligations from 2028).

The ESA’s Head of Climate and Energy Policy, Charlotte Rule, said: “The application of the ETS to energy from waste is a major policy lever likely to trigger a seismic shift for the recycling and waste treatment sector. Given this, we encourage all members to engage with, and respond to, the consultation.

To support these efforts, with the help of our relevant working group members, we have developed a concise response – giving an overview of the ESAs current positions as related to the questions within the consultation, which can be used as a template from which our members can also build their own responses.”

A full response will be drafted by ESA ahead of the deadline, which will develop each of the ESA’s positions. This will be shared with members prior to submission. 

In addition to the concise consultation response, the ESA has also produced a document summarising key points of the ETS consultation documents, which is available for here

On Monday 15th July, the ESA is hosting a free webinar starting at 2pm – Navigating the Future: Expanding the UK Emissions Trading Scheme to the Waste Sector – where issues critical to the ETS will be discussed.  To register to join us online, please click here

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