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The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is the lead voice for the recycling and waste treatment sector in the United Kingdom.

We ensure that our members voices are heard by government, regulators and other stakeholders, and that policy subsequently delivers the best triple bottom line outcomes.

With more than 100 members across both our full and associate member grades, the strength of the ESA is harnessing the shared depth of expertise of its membership – using this knowledge in a targeted and effective way to inform and influence policy and regulatory decision-making at all levels. 

Through our Code of Conduct and strategic priority to develop industry-leading operational standards, ESA membership is also a mark of quality, reliability and accountability in an industry sadly pervaded by criminals. Our members clients have peace of mind that they are doing business with responsible businesses with strong regulatory track records.

Membership of the ESA provides access to the ESA’s numerous working groups, alongside regular member policy briefings, advanced access to reports and access to our comprehensive Member Area – which offers an extensive library of useful ESA documentation, guidance and exclusive briefing materials.

In addition to the above benefits, the ESA also offers its members an excellent opportunity to network with peers, providing commercial, learning and social opportunities. Members have preferential access to a range of ESA events throughout the calendar including webinars, conferences and our Annual Lunch.

Find out more about the ESA, our members and our work.

If your organisation would like to find out more about ESA membership, please email ESA using our contact us form or speak to our Membership team at the ESA on 0207 824 8882. Alternatively, if you would like to progress to a membership application, please complete the form.


Albion Environmental Ltd has been a member of ESA since 2015. We value the interaction and communication we can have with the other ESA members, most of which are waste management organisations. The regular updates and information from ESA, combined with the contacts with waste management organisations and key staff allows Albion to focus our expertise and training where it is most needed.

Albion Environmental Ltd Alasdair Meldrum,

Axil have been a member of the ESA for several years and contribute to a number of the working groups, benefitting from sharing industry best practice, overcoming shared challenges and influencing future strategy. As an SME, we found the ESA Social Value Charter an effective and helpful tool to use as a structured starting point in developing our own Sustainability and Social Value Charter

Axil Integrated Services Limited Gina Rudkin,
Head of Sustainability & Zero Waste

The Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy will deliver the biggest changes for the recycling and waste sector in a generation. Our industry is poised to deliver a £10 billion investment in the circular economy, provided long-term, stable, investible policies are put in place. The ESA is the voice of our industry, working hard on behalf of its members with governments and regulators to ensure those policies are established, so that the major infrastructure and service changes needed to achieve this enormous transition can be implemented.

BIFFA Michael Topham,
Biffa CEO, and ESA Chair

The ESA is an important force for good in our sector – championing best practice, raising awareness of our vital role in society and ensuring our voice is heard when key policy decisions are being discussed. It’s crucial that our diverse, dynamic and diligent industry is fully represented at a time of change and opportunity. As we work towards a more circular economy and pursue a pathway to net-zero, the ESA will continue to be vital in highlighting the pivotal role of this sector and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Encyclis Owen Michaelson,

Having one central source of knowledge; whether it be political insight, clarity on the direction of policy travel or statistical analysis, is vital for our sector in these changing political times. With its breadth and depth of knowledge, the ESA is in a unique position to provide the sector with one platform and one voice from which to speak which allows us to get our messages across to the right people at the right time.

FCC Environment Julie Fourcade, Head of External Affairs & Internal Communications

Thanks to ESA's resources, we stay informed about industry updates, policy changes, and what's top of mind for customers. This fuels our ability to continue to deliver solutions that effectively meet market demands.

Greyparrot AI Ailsa Pritchard,
VP of Marketing

Being an ESA member means having a seat at the top table and an invaluable opportunity for our voice to be heard – and potentially influence – the issues that really matter to our sector. As members of ESA’s H&S Strategy group, we are also proud to play an important part in helping make the waste industry a safer place to work.

Grundon Waste Management Neil Grundon,

Recorra derives great benefit from ESA membership. Our involvement in ESA working groups has meant we have been able to help shape a co-ordinated response to Government and others on many industry critical topics. We have also remained well informed of the status of ongoing policy debates. Even as mid-size commercial specialist we have felt our contributions have been valued.

Recorra Tom Mockridge,
Director for External Affairs 

REMONDIS has been members of the ESA for 7 years and really appreciate the support it gives us and the waste management industry through Jacob & the ESA team. With help working with UK Environmental regulators, training / education, news and media support promoting the industry and raising standards we feel their Net Zero Policy is one we should all aim for and improve the Environment we live in for future generations.

REMONDIS David Hughes,
Managing Director UK

Given the support SLR provides to the resource management sector nationally and internationally, we have found our membership extremely valuable. It provides us with an opportunity to engage in a number of working groups, as well as keep up to date with and input to the policy landscape, technology innovation and industry sentiment.

SLR Consulting Alban Forster,
EU Regional Sector Leader

ESA’s focus on transport decarbonisation as a priority for net zero is aligned to VEV’s mission as a provider of end-to-end fleet electrification solutions. In the waste sector, we are currently piloting eRCVs with Serco and RVS to demonstrate the operational and financial feasibility for electrification. We look forward to playing our part in ESA’s influential working groups evolving policy and lobbying government.

VEV Mike Nakrani,

Being a member of ESA means we are a collective force. We collaborate across the sector, pinpointing areas of common challenge and developing strategic policy recommendations for Government. All this with the goal of helping the sector and Government to work together to deliver an ever more circular economy, while cutting carbon emissions.

Viridor Tim Rotheray,
Chief Sustainability Officer

Wastecare Compliance are proud to hold a continued membership with the ESA, as it is a leading and respected voice in the resource and waste management industry. With its members operating in the producer compliance and waste management sectors, the ESA endeavours to provide insightful comments and valuable suggestions to many of the government reforms such as WEEE, EPR, DRS and simpler recycling.

Wastecare Compliance Plc Clement Gaubert,
Head of Wastecare Compliance

I have found being a member of the ESA  has helped tackle an issue around raising standards with other trade associations positively and helped improve how waste is handled compliantly. We could not have made the progress we have without the Association and all member companies buying into the improvements. It is what you need and would expect from a trade association.

Windsor Waste Management Ltd Tony​​​​ Windsor,
Owner & Founder