Everything you ever wanted to know about the UK’s recycling and waste treatment market at a glance.

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The Environmental Services Association (ESA) commissioned a report to provide, in one place, a snapshot of the UK’s £24bn recycling and waste market.

This report brings together recent UK data for waste volumes and flows, alongside informative charts breaking down the complex market structure, with commentary on current and future economic and policy drivers.

This report also underscores the collective scale and impact of the ESA’s members within the UK’s recycling and waste treatment system, which together account for a workforce of more than 50,000 people and operate the majority of outsourced local authority recycling and waste services across the country. Our members invest billions in British infrastructure, put boots on the ground and serve more than 17 million people every day – playing a pivotal role in the circular economy and protecting the environment.

An abridged version of the report can be accessed for free.

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Although the full version of the report is reserved for our members, the ESA is pleased to share this with policy-makers in governmental roles, academics and journalists. If you are not an ESA member, but fall into one of these groups and would like to access the full report, please contact