The Environmental Services Association is the voice of the recycling and waste treatment industry in the United Kingdom.

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The Environmental Services Association (ESA) is the trade association representing the organisations leading the United Kingdom’s drive towards a more circular economy.

We are the collective voice of the UK’s leading recycling and waste treatment service providers, who provide essential waste services to millions of people across the UK every day.

Working with our members, drawing upon their depth of expertise and experience, the ESA helps to ensure that policy, regulation and operations represent best practice and deliver the best triple-bottom line outcomes – protecting people and the planet while supporting investment in a vibrant, competitive and sustainable sector.

We started life as the National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors in 1968 but became the Environmental Services Association in 1996 in recognition, now nearly thirty years ago, that collecting waste is only the first step in returning valuable materials back to the circular economy.

Our members invest billions in British infrastructure, put boots on the ground and serve more than 17 million people every day – playing a pivotal role in the circular economy and protecting the environment.