The Environmental Services Association is the voice of the UK’s recycling and waste treatment sector.

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Our members collectively employ a workforce of more than 50,000 people, invest billions in UK infrastructure and serve more than 17 million people every day. 

They operate the majority of outsourced public waste services and achieve combined annual UK revenues of more than £7 billion.

ESA members operate a wide spectrum of the UK’s waste collection and treatment infrastructure spanning the whole post-consumer value chain – from collection and logistics to materials sorting; reprocessing, energy recovery, re-use and landfill – alongside a host of more niche and innovative or proprietary services managing hazardous or specific waste streams.

Working with our members, drawing upon their collective depth of expertise and experience across a wide range of activities, the role of the ESA is to ensure that policy, regulation and operational standards support the best triple-bottom line outcomes – protecting people and the planet while supporting investment in a vibrant, competitive and sustainable sector.

We do this by liaising closely with regulators and policy-makers at all levels; by commissioning research and gathering evidence to inform policy decisions and by setting ever-higher operational standards in collaboration with our members.

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