Well-designed policy interventions are key to unlocking continued investment in the circular economy and reducing sectoral carbon emissions.

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Modern, complex, recycling and waste treatment exists in direct response to policies and regulations designed to protect people and the environment, and promote greater resource-efficiency.

Leveraging the combined expertise and experience of our industry-leading membership, the ESA works closely with policy-makers to ensure that all relevant emerging policy is carefully designed, fit for purpose and will deliver the intended outcomes for the environment, people and business.

We regularly engage in on-going discussion with policy-makers and officials at all levels of government – from UK Government departments and the devolved administrations, to local authorities and peers across the sector – ensuring that we are able to inform and influence policy thinking before decisions are made.

We also respond formally, and in consultation with our members, to calls for evidence and policy consultations. To support this, the ESA often commissions research and compiles evidence, providing policy-makers with the data and assurance they need to confidently implement effective policy.

In particular, the ESA has been instrumental in consolidating coherent industry input into Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy since it was announced in 2018 and continues to engage closely with Government to ensure the successful deployment of the Extended Producer Responsibility, Simple Recycling and Deposit Return reforms.

You can find a selection of our latest policy reports below and access our full library on the news page or through the members area.

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